Building a Personal Adult Faith

I love praying while am fishing or sitting outdoors.  I did not choose to love praying that way; it chose me.  As adults, we have to find what “rule of life” or prayer routine works for us in our given situation. As Catholics, Mass and Confession are not optional, but most of our other praying is full of options.  It is not possible to have a healthy relationship without talking/communicating with the other person.  God is a threefold person.  A living person. Christians desiring to be in a relationship with God must talk, and maybe more importantly, listen to God.  How we do that has a  great number of options.  Different times in our life we may be drawn to the Rosary and other times the Liturgy of the Hours.  There are many wonderful prayers that we can say.  The really key piece is that we spend time, intimate time, listening to and reading the words of God and taking our hearts, often bruised and tattered, to our loving God. 

God wants time alone with each of us.  He desire that we love him and truly know him.  Just talking to God in your own words about the deepest parts of your heart and soul is very possibly the most beautiful gift that we can give God.  Ask God to teach you how to pray.  He created you and is all powerful.  He can and will teach you to pray in a way that will put you face to face with him.   

Do not compare yourself. People serve and pray in so many different ways.  Serving in food kitchen, taking communion to the sick and doing Holy Hours are beautiful acts of justice and service, but they do not fit into everyone’s position in life.  Find “a rule of life” or prayer routine that works for you.  Find ways to serve the church and community in ways that work best in your situation. 

Honor your baptismal promises  and then honor your marriage, priesthood, consecration, or your singlehood.  After that serve your kids, parishioners, friends and community. Go to Mass and Reconciliation.  Check out these forms  prayer, devotions and rules of livng.

1.      EWTN Prayer List

2.      Lifeteen Prayer Tips

A special note to young adults:

The working world is so much different than college life or life in the home that you grew up in.  The grind can grind you down.  Prayer is even more important when you are building your life and career.  You are facing so many decisions about job and personal matters that it can get overwhelming.  Find your rhythm with God. He is alive and all-powerful he will lead you to fulfillment, and the path will often surprise you.   You are not alone and God loves you so completely that surrender, rather than seeking, is often the quickest way into his beautiful heart and worldview.