For Youth Ministers, Volunteers, DREs, and Catechists

Join us for an inspiring, insightful, retreat with Jim Beckman, Former Associae Professor of Leadership & Discipleship at Augustine Institue and now Executive Director of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.  Monday Jan. 8 2pm- Jan. 9 2pm at Prairie Star Ranch. Please RSVP here by January 5, 2018. Below is the schedule…

Mon. Jan. 8

2pm check in, settle in, rest and relax.


Opening Session: My breath (Take a breath)
– got to breathe to live
– step away, retreat, refresh
– every breath we take we are an active thought in God’s mind – He literally “thinks” us into existence, and holds us there. If we’re breathing, He’s thinking us!

5:30pm Dinner


Session II: His Breath
– His breath is different than ours because He’s fundamentally different
– Holy breath, life-giving breath, healing breath, transforming breath
– Let His breath touch you, let it into you – take it in, and let it go deep
– His breath is most powerful when we come to the end of what we can do, manage, manipulate, control
– Give up and give in!

8:30pm Social

Tues. Jan. 9

8:30am Mass

9:15am Breakfast


Session III: OUR Breath
– Ultimately God wants to breathe IN us; He wants His breath to become our breath
– Our breathing synced up with His – heart-to-heart
– Little child sleeping on daddy’s chest – heartbeats start to “sync”, breathing becomes one
– This is where God wants us – our hearts beating with His heartbeat, our breathing filled with His breath – full of healing, mercy, forgiveness, and transforming power

11am Lunch/Depart