Family Glue

Cardinal  Bergoglio,now Pope Francis, uses the Spanish word, “cercania”  to describe Mary’s action in the Visitation toward Martha as creating “nearness”; we are called to shorten the distance between each other.  The Catechism says that we as parents and grandparents are primary teachers of the faith.   Pope Francis says when our lives are closer to each other, we are more likely to “catch” or pass on the faith.                                                                                                                                                            

Here are some ideas to help your family come closer together.  Try some of these activities and find a few that work well for your family dynamic.

  • Go camping or fishing
  • Tell family stories a lot
  • Put up the Christmas tree together, looking at meaningful ornaments.
  • Buy or make a meaningful ornament each year that reflects each child’s interests and personality
  • Pray bedtime and mealtime prayers together
  • Have a “date” with each child celebrating one of their interests
  • Listen to each others emotional needs 
  • Game Nights
  • Movie Nights
  • Pool Time
  • Build epic tents
  • Cook dinner together
  • Use Chore Charts to help kids feel connected and that their work has meaning and is appreciated
  • Have a basket for designated “no phone” time, good times of days are during meals, homework time, and bedtime
  • Turn off the radio, and all other noises, so your child will feel listened to
  • Pray before road trips
  • Let your kid be the DJ in the car so you can learn to appreciate their musical style, being sure that it is appropriate
  • Pray an evening act of contrition

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