We are a community committed to preventing abuse. Our policies and programs prioritize safety of children and the vulnerable.

We care about survivors of abuse.

Victim Care Advocate: (913) 298-9244 

5 Steps to
Protecting God’s Children


Know the Warning Signs of Adults

Knowing the behavioral warning signs of adults means we can recognize inappropriate and concerning actions adults exhibit – which may also be part of the grooming process.


Screen and Select Employees and Volunteers

Adopting proactive screening procedures makes it more difficult for people with bad intentions – or problematic behavior – to have access to youth.


Monitor All Environments, including Activities Involving Technology

We closely supervise the entire environment with careful oversight, whether it is on-site or online.


Be Attentive to Children and Youth

We need to be attentive to concerning behavioral cues that children might exhibit when experiencing abuse. And, as protectors, we need to teach them how to partner with us for their safety.


Communicate Your Concerns

Communicate – especially when you see or hear something that looks suspicious, questionable, inappropriate, or that simply makes you feel uncomfortable.

By working together, we can identify potential risks, prevent harm and help to reduce the circumstances of sexual abuse. It is up to us – regardless of our role within the community – to guide and protect the most vulnerable.