September 10-11, 2022

Please RSVP by completing this Google Form: REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED

This annual kick-off event for the Scouting year may just be the best camp out of your Scouting year.

Join us at the spacious and pristine Prairie Star Ranch in Warrensburg, KS for camping under the stars, Mass in the great outdoors, and more!

Camp two nights, or just one. For those in the ScoutsBSA program, this is the perfect opportunity for your older Scouts to earn leadership experience as they work with the Scouts on the trail to 1st Class – refreshing skills and checking off requirements. Invite your Cub Scout Pack and plan games, activities and use it as a recruitment event.

No matter what you plan, this event is geared to Scouts of all ages and their families. This event just so happens to have a celebration of the Holy Eucharist planned for you. How awesome is that? A Scout is #Reverent after all.

And, it’s an amazing deal. Many parks where you can camp charge an outrageous amount. Holy Smokes is only $2/ person to attend; with optional activity fees (but it’s totally worth it!). Of course, free will offerings that support the Catholic Committee on Scouting’s efforts and PSR are always accepted. Please pay with cash or check written to the CCS upon arrival.

But wait! There’s MORE.

All scouting youth and their families are invited to join us for this fun-filled event! Three campsite areas are provided for family camping (primarily used by Cub Scouts and younger AHG families), ScoutsBSA troops, and American Heritage Girls troops – some stay overnight, some come for the day. Choose what works best for you, your troop and your family!

  • Troops plan their own free time activities, work on advancements, play games… whatever your Scouts do
  • Available for you: Rosary Trail, 10 Commandments Walk, Adoration
  • Hiking, Fishing (bring your own supplies, pole, tackle, bait), Geocaching, Gaga Ball Pit
  • Premium Activities: In the past, we have provided Archery and the Climbing Wall (with certified instructors) on a first-come-first-served basis

And the best part of the event? The youth Cook Off… this is holy SMOKES.

  • Youth Cook Off!! Competition food must be turned in by 4:30 PM. Troops can compete for trophies! Categories include: BBQ, Dutch Oven Meal, Open Category Meal (Not BBQ and not Dutch Oven cooked), Dessert, Judges Choice. Sign up and get your food submission box(es) at the check in table.


Cooking contest categories (5):

  • BBQ – loosely defined as anything edible cooked over an open fire
  • Dutch Oven Meal – loosely defined as anything cooked in a Dutch Oven only that is NOT a dessert 
  • Open Category Meal – loosely defined as any non-dessert meal cooked that was not cooked over a BBQ or with a Dutch Oven i.e. can be foil or any pot or pan method
  • Dessert – loosely defined as anything of a dessert nature cooked in any fashion but must be ‘cooked’
  • Judges Choice Award – Just like it sounds. An award handed out to an entry just because we can.

  • There are no rules just that we promise to be fair and impartial BUT…
    • One group may not submit multiple entries for the same category
    • Multiple entries for DIFFERENT categories allowed if cooking by patrol
    • Plan on enough food turned in for 6 judges to sample each item
    • Judge’s decision is final 

IMPORTANT: If you are planning on joining us, and we hope you are, it is required that you complete some necessary paperwork (there is paperwork for both youth and adults). We ask that you please complete the paperwork prior to arriving at Holy Smokes, and bring copies with you. Links to paperwork are provided below.

Permission & Medical Release (youth)

Permission & Medical Release (adult)

Holy Smokes Timeline 


Optional camping (arrive after 6 pm – please let the event chair know when you plan to arrive)


9:00 AM – Registration, setup for camping (ALL ADULTS MUST REGISTER AND OBTAIN WRISTBANDS
10:30 AM – Adult Leader Meeting at CCS Canopy – come meet other leaders and learn about religious emblem
programs offered

1:00 PM – Ranch Events Start – (Climbing Wall, Archery) $20. Sign up for the 1, 2 or 3 pm climbing shift when you purchase your wristband (54 total climbing slots available, attend archery any time 1-4pm) / ARCHERY ONLY: $10 (18 total wristbands available).

4:00 PM – Ranch Events End 

4:30 PM – Cooking Contest Turn-in – Don’t be late! Categories – BBQ, Dutch Oven Meal, Open Category Meal (Not BBQ and not Dutch Oven cooked), Dessert, Judges Choice 

6:30 PM – Mass, please wear Class A uniforms. Please contact Tonya Gast at if you can assist with mass music.

Awards presentation after mass.


Clean up and dismiss at will. Leave No Trace.

Questions? Please reach out Tonya Gast at or Matt Thomas at

Please RSVP by completing this Google Form:

Safety and COVID Precautions:

  • Please do not attend Holy Smokes if you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid or other illness. We will miss you and see you at the retreat in March or at Holy Smokes next year.
  • In order to facilitate good hygiene, we are providing separate women/girls (Omega Up) and men/boys (Trinity Bunkhouse) restrooms with running water and flush toilets. Please be generous with free will donations if you are able to help offset the cost of these!
  • As with all social activities, there is an inherent risk that families must assess. Please use good hygiene when cooking and consider camping as family units. Specific regulations are left to each family and scouting unit to establish and regulate.
  • Another Archdiocesan group will be on site at PSR when we are there. ALL Holy Smokes participants (youth and adults) will receive a wristband upon check in so you will easily recognize all associated with Holy Smokes.
  • If cancellation is necessary, we will notify all who sent in RSVPs and also post updates to and to