“To be truly pro-life,

we also must make sure that every child has an environment where he or she can thrive.”

Archbishop Joseph Naumann 

Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, Chairman of the USCCB Pro-Life Committee.

Foster Care from a child’s perspective

On average, 8 kids a night have to be placed in one night stays because of the lack of foster homes.

Foster Care Prayer

God our Father, through the loving sacrifice of your son, Jesus Christ, you have given a home to us and all the forsaken.   Give us the eyes of Christ to see the vulnerable children and families in our midst. Give us hearts that break for what breaks the heart of Jesus.  Encouraged by the example of St. Joseph, foster father of the Lord, enflame us with the compassion of your Holy Spirit to make our homes and parishes places of love, support and protection for kids in crisis and their families.

God gives a home to the forsaken, 

Psalm 68:7

And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me.

Matthew 18:5