Christ’s Peace House of Prayer implemented a Liaison Program to help encourage the use of the our facilities by the people of the Archdiocease. We hope to find a liaison from each parish who will help promote our mission through the following actions: 

  • Keep each parish supplied with our information materials
  • Present our ministry to each parish:  Private, Guided, Group or Sabbatical Retreat options and Volunteer Opportunities

We will offer a yearly free two night stay to the liaison.  Please contact us if you are interested in being a liaison for your parish. 

Sample Bulletin Announcement:

We invite you to schedule a time to come and be renewed in your friendship with the Lord, that his mercy and tenderness may ever more be carried forth.  Christ’s Peace House of Prayer is an Archdiocesan retreat center located on 120 acres of rolling pastures and timberland about 14 miles west of Leavenworth and one hour from Kansas City, Topeka and Lawrence.  We have eight cabins in our wooded area and three courtyard rooms and seven guest rooms in the retreat center to welcome guests.  Contact us to schedule Private, Guided, Group or Sabbatical Retreats.  913-773-8255 or  Cabin/Courtyard: $100/night or Guest Room/Hermitage: $65/night (including meals).  See our website for additional pricing guidelines and information.