Christ’s Peace House of Prayer Guest Guidelines

Revised August 2, 2023


We appreciate your assistance in preparing your dwelling for the next guest and invite you to pray for them as you kindly complete the following:. 

  • A bag with the name of your dwelling on it will be provided for your departure day with clean bed linens and towels.  On the day of your departure, please change all bed linens and towels, place all of them in the bag (even if they were not used) and bring the bag up to the kitchen area. 
  • Guests are asked to spray and wipe down the Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks and Counters, Bathroom, Shower and Toilet.  Microfiber rags and cleaning supplies can found under the bathroom sink.
  • Replace the trash bags with new liners found in kitchen drawer.  Bring up all trash and place in the west parking lot dumpster and place recyclables in the bin next to the white freezer in the main kitchen.
  • Wash and put away your dwelling’s dishes and bring up to the main building the Tupperware and thermos you used.
  • Turn off all electrical devices: Lights, Stove/Oven, Air Conditioner, Coffee Maker, etc.
  • During the winter months, leave both thermostats set at 55 degrees.  During summer months, shut off the air conditioner.
  • Empty the refrigerator of all food you bring and take home all your belongings.
  • Raise the blinds, be sure the exterior door is shut tightly and the cabin screen door is latched behind you.


Fill out the evaluation form and leave it on main office desk.  Be sure to note the following:

  • If any of the furnishings are dirty:  mattress pad, pillow protectors, comforters, rugs, etc.
  • If any supplies are getting low:  Tissue, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, coffee, sugar, etc.
  • If any maintenance needs to be done to the Cabin/Room.


  • We ask that you do not approach any cabins other than your own.
  • Kindly respect an atmosphere of silence in the great room during times of adoration.
  • To maintain an atmosphere of solitude, we ask guests not to talk on their cellular phone or use their electronic devices in the common areas.  The parlors in the main building which have Wi-Fi may be reserved for use of electronic devices.  Headphones must be used in the Parlors, Courtyard Rooms and Guest Rooms with all electronic devices.  Musical instruments may only be played in the cabins and hermitages.
  • Guests are asked to help with washing the dishes after each meal.
  • Guests are asked to dress modestly while outside their dwelling on our property.
  • Out of respect for all our guests, we are a smoke free environment.
  • Out of respect to people with allergies, do not allow the cat or any other animals into any of the dwellings or the main building.
  • You are welcome to photograph our many nature scenes. If you wish to take photos of people, please obtain their consent first.
  • We have a bookstore and a good-sized library of books as well as a smaller selection CDs that may be borrowed by guests. Portable CD players are available.
  • Please be mindful of keeping the environment clean. Please take all materials that should be discarded to your cabin or hermitage or to the main building for appropriate disposal.
  • As part of our stewardship of creation, we invite you to join us in our recycling efforts. We separate and recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass containers, tin cans and aluminum cans.  Your assistance and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
  • Please do not trespass on our neighbors’ property. To ensure that you remain on our land, keep on the paths, obey the signage and do not cross any fences or walk on the creek bed which leads to our neighbor’s property.
  • Use bug spray, which is provided, stay on the cleared paths and do not walk in the tall grass to try to avoid ticks.  Be sure to check yourself and remove any ticks at the end of each day.
  • The ponds cannot be used for swimming or fishing.
  • Do not light fires in the fields, woods, or at the stone cross. Do not burn incense or candles at our outdoor shrines or in any of the dwellings because of the risk of causing a fire.