At Christ’s Peace House of Prayer, guests may choose to make a private retreat, a guided retreat, a group retreat, or sabbatical retreat (one month or more). All guests are invited to share meals and four periods of daily prayer with the staff and other guests.  

Many guests spend their time following a personal prayer practice, reading spiritual texts, writing, meditating, walking on our extensive nature trails, journaling, napping, and working on creative projects or simply enjoying the beauty of nature and the deep quiet of the forest.  You may ask for help in structuring your time here.  Spiritual direction is available; please request an appointment when making your reservation.

Individual Private Retreat:  Guests set their own agenda for their solitude. Some guests prefer to join the staff and other guests for prayers and meals, and others seek total solitude, simply checking in once a day on a sign-in sheet. The following options are available for a private retreat:

    Daylight Retreat: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 
    Overnight: Any Night
    A weekend: Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon
    One week or longer

Guided Retreat: Guests who want a guided retreat of any length can meet periodically with a director and receive help in structuring their retreat, if desired. 

Sabbatical Retreat: A sabbatical retreat provides an opportunity to come away for a longer period of prayer, rest, and renewal for one month to a year.  Sabbatical guests are invited to share meals and daily periods of prayer with the staff and other guests, or to take a time of complete silence and solitude other than signing in once a day.

Group Retreat:  A retreat leader reserves space for a group and leads that group in a retreat. 

Monthly Preached Retreats:  Christ’s Peace offers the following preached retreats.  There are conferences, Eucharistic Adoration, Mass, Confession and time for private prayer, reflection and walking.  Cabins/Courtyard Rooms:  $170 Single/$250 Couple or Single Guest Rooms: $100 (Meals Included).  To attend, send an email to: or call 913.773.8255 
2023 Monthly Preached Retreat Schedule**
March 17-19: Lenten Silent Retreat: Blessings of the Beatitudes
April 28-30: St. John Climacus: Ascending to Mercy
May 12-14: Consecration to Mary Retreat: Rediscovering Fatima
May 15: St. Isidore Feast Day: Mass and Blessing of Seeds and Soil
June 9-11: Feast of Corpus Christi Eucharistic Retreat: Hidden Truths of the Greatest Treasure  
July 28-30: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity: Encountering the Divine Indwelling Silent Retreat
August 19: Christ’s Peace House of Prayer 50th Anniversary Celebration
September 15-17: Rescued through the Triumph of the Cross
October 13-15: The Way of a Pilgrim Silent Walking Retreat
November 10-12: Living Freedom in the Church
December 1-3: Advent Silent Retreat
January 5-7: New Year Spiritual Reflection and Planning Retreat – 2024
**Visit our Preached Retreats page to read more about our retreats.

Tailored Preached Retreats:  Let retreat master, workshop leader, speaker and spiritual mentor Vince Eimer lead your group on a retreat tailored to meet the needs of individuals and groups on a variety of topics in the Catholic spiritual tradition.  He has been a spiritual director for 17 years, was a Benedictine Monk for 16 years, has three units of Clinical Pastoral Education and is a graduate of the Spiritual Mentorship Program of the School of Faith and the Apostles of the Interior Life. Our capacity is up to 30 persons for a day retreat or 9 double bed and 9 single bed spaces for an overnight retreat.  Half day, full day, or weekend.   A donation of $35/lecture is suggested for this service.