Christ’s Peace House of Prayer

A sabbatical retreat provides an opportunity to come away for a longer period of prayer, rest, and renewal for one month to a year.  Sabbatical guests are invited to share meals and daily periods of prayer with the staff and other guests, or to take a time of complete silence and solitude other than signing in once a day.

We look forward to the possibility of welcoming you as a sabbatical guest!  In order to help us serve you, if you plan on staying one month or more please copy and paste the application below into an email, fill it out and send it to us at  A person to person interview will be requested once availability is confirmed.  Feel free to call with any questions: 913-773-8255. 

General Personal Information:

  1. Name:
  2. Where will you be coming from (City, State)?
  3. Cell Phone:
  4. E-mail:
  5. Requested date(s) of arrival:
  6. Requested date(s) of departure:
  7. Select one:  Married – Single – Priest – Religious
  8. Occupation:
  9. Parish/Religious Affiliation:
  10. How did you hear about us?


  1. Why are you seeking a sabbatical?
  2. What are your expectations for your sabbatical?
  3. What are your expectations of Christ’s Peace during your sabbatical?
  4. Guests in solitude are expected to check in daily.  What amount of solitude and silence do you intend to be in?
  5. Do you have previous experience in being in solitude for an extended period of time?
  6. Describe your relationship with God.  How do you pray?  How do you become aware of God’s presence in your life?
  7. Do you expect to join the daily prayer offered at Christ’s Peace?
  8. Sabbatical guests are expected to touch base with the director once a week.  Do you expect this to be a problem?
  9. Would you like help structuring your sabbatical time?
  10. Would you like Spiritual Direction?

Health and Essentials

  1. View Accommodations on our website. Sabbatical guests typically stay in Meadowlark cabin as it has a washer and dryer. Does this meet your expectations?
  2. Do you intend to take meals and if so, do you have any dietary restrictions?
  3. Would you want your meals packed to eat in solitude?  
  4. Will you need internet access?
  5. Are you presently under psychiatric care, medication, private therapy or spiritual direction?  (Please explain.)
  6. Would you say that you are in good physical health?  If not, please explain:
  7. Would you be interested in helping with manual work around the grounds which could help bring balance and relaxation during your time of sabbatical?
  8. Any other comments, questions, or requests?