We are grateful for the prayerful and financial help we receive from our friends and supporters.  The generosity of our friends has allowed us to provide a prayerful and peaceful environment for our guests to encounter Christ.  

In 2020, with your help we were able to make the following improvements:

  • Purchased a new office computer
  • Replaced, caulked and repainted the windows in the Chapel and Great Room
  • Placed weed mat and rock at the streams in the inner courtyards
  • Rebuilt the retaining wall at the 2nd garage
  • Regraded and opened up the culvert at Stone Creek
  • Dredged and cleaned the small ponds around the main building
  • Replaced broken light fixtures at the storage room, guest wing, garage, cabins, laundry room, office
  • Painted the wood paneling in hermitage Willow
  • Created and installed a new Saint Jude shrine in the back woods
  • Refurbished and installed a donated sanctuary lamp in the chapel
  • Installed a new modem so that the Wi-Fi reaches to the Great Room
  • Cleared overgrowth on the field and cabin trails
  • Finished regraveling the cabin trails
  • Cleared the overlook at Sunset
  • Reopened and marked the rustic trail in the deep woods

We have been striving to make improvements to Christ’s Peace House of Prayer and were able to accomplish much this year though the help of many donors and volunteers.  Click here to see a list of all our 2020 Accomplishments.

 Thank You! 

 In 2021 with your help, we would like to see the following come to be: 

  • Restain the exterior wood on four (4) of the cabins
  • Replace worn wood siding with metal siding at one of the cabins
  • Run new phone and internet lines in the main building and disconnect the old telephone system and buy four new cordless phones with head sets
  • Remove dying bushes in entrance courtyard and at the Guadalupe Shrine and replace with new
  • Replace Main Building kitchen window
  • Clear brush along Meagher Road
  • Remulch Courtyards, St. Francis and Beds around Main Building
  • Replace the earthen stairs at the west entrance of the deep woods
  • Furnish and install HVAC units at the parlors and Courtyard Room No.3

If you are inspired to help fund one of our specific needs or just want to support us in our ministry of bringing others to Christ, please do what you can.  Any amount is deeply appreciated and tax-deductible.

If you prefer mailing your donation, please make your check out to Christ’s Peace.

Our mailing address is:
Christ’s Peace House of Prayer
22131 Meagher Road
Easton, KS  66020

Consider also donating your time and talent, contact us and let us know how you can help.  Take a look at our Volunteer Opportunities page to see a list of specific ways you can help!