Suggested Donation Guidelines

At Christ’s Peace House of Prayer, we seek to serve all our guests with a generous and simple spirit. However, in order to continue to share our spirit of solitude and prayer with guests, we must meet the many expenses involved in running our facility.

Suggested donations guidelines for retreat guests vary by the accommodations and length of stay. If you are unable to afford the suggested offering, please let us know and leave a donation according to your means. If you are able to donate more than the suggested offering, your gift would be much appreciated and be put to use toward the ongoing upkeep of our facilities and grounds.

Updated 01.23.2024

Overnight Guests:
  Courtyard Room/ Cabin Hermitage/   Guest Room  
  With Meals Without Meals With Meals  Without Meals   
1-night     $100/night   $150/night   $90/night   $135/night   $65/night   $55/night   
 2-5-nights   $90/night   $135/night   $80/night   $120/night   $55/night   $45/night   
 1 Week   $540  $810  $480  $720  $330  $270  
 2 Weeks   $780  $1,170  $650  $975      
 3 Weeks   $1,020  $1,520  $820  $1,230      
 4 Weeks   $1,260  $1,890  $990 $1,485      
Sabbatical Guest Per Night Rate Beyond 4 Weeks
   $45  $68  $35  $53      
 Day Guests: 
   With Meals   Without Meals   
 Cabin/Courtyard Room:     $55  $45  
 Double Occupancy:    $80  $65  
 Guest Room/Hermitage:    $35  $25  
 Day Guest:    $30  $20  
Donation Guidelines:
 Double Occupancy:  Plus 1/2 
 Additional Guest in Room Over Occupancy:  $30/person/night (12 and under free) 
 No Meals: Subtract $10/night for single and $15/night for double 
 Spiritual Direction: $20/session (Overnight Guests receive one complimentary session) 
 Guided Retreat:  $20/session 
 Group Tailored Preached Retreats:  $35/lecture 
Sabbatical Guests:
 Guest Staying 5-8 Weeks:  4 Week Pricing + “Sabbatical Guest Per Night Charge” 
                                                                             beyond the completed first 4 weeks 
 Guests Staying 2+ Months: Pays every month on the date of arrival +
                                               “Sabbatical Guest Per Night Charge” beyond the arrival date 
 Guests are discouraged from spending more than a week in a guest room or hermitage 
Work Exchange:
 Guests are asked to work 25 hours per week or 5 hours per day to cover the cost of their stay 
Reserving the Facilities (Weekdays Only):
 Reserving the Facilities for Day Use:  $150/day plus Meals:
                                                                Breakfast ($5/person) Lunch ($12/person) Dinner ($8/person) 
Deposit Policy:
Christ’s Peace House of Prayer reserves the right to book individual and sabbatical retreats throughout the year.  A non-refundable deposit of (50%) is required for group retreat reservations. The spaces will be temporarily held if no deposit is received.  Once another request for the spaces being temporarily held is received, the group facilitator will be notified and asked for the deposit to secure the spaces.
Cancellation Policy:
All guests are asked to honor their reservation.  Please contact us immediately if you are unable to keep your reservation.  Guests who cancel within a week of their reservation are asked to make a donation of half their contribution to support our mission at Christ’s Peace.  
We prefer donations to be made by check or cash when you arrive, however, we also take credit cards via PayPal.