Breakfast – 7 to 9 a.m.: Guests are welcomed at the informal communal breakfast which includes homemade granola, cereal, instant oatmeal, toast, hard boiled eggs, peanut butter and jelly, fruit, juice and milk.

Lunch – Noon: A vegetarian communal home-cooked main meal is provided on all days except Monday and Thursday in which simple food is provided to be eaten in solitude.

Communal breakfast and the midday meals are a good time of fellowship.

Supper – 4 – 8 p.m.: Guests are provided with a thermos of homemade soup and other food (bread, crackers, cheese, fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, and fresh vegetables) to take to their dwelling to eat in solitude.

Special Diets: If you have any special dietary needs, please inform us at least a week in advance. This allows us to accommodate your requirements and plan meals accordingly. We cater to gluten-free and dairy-free diets, as well as a minimum of specific food allergies per person. If your dietary needs are complex, we recommend planning to bring your own food.

There is no extra charge for meals; they are included as part of one’s donation. Guests are also welcome to bring their own food to prepare in their dwelling or take any of the meals packed to eat in solitude if they prefer.

The food in the main kitchen white guest refrigerator across from the sink may be eaten at any time.  Guests are asked to store their personal food items in their dwelling’s refrigerator or labeled in the guest wing’s kitchenette refrigerator in the main building.

The cabins have a refrigerator, electric stove/oven (no microwave), sink, toaster, and coffee maker. Courtyard Guest Rooms have a refrigerator, two-burner stove, sink, toaster oven, and coffee maker. 

Group Meal Information:
If a group prefers customized catering options, Farmhouse Catering can be independently hired to provide any of the group meals. For pricing and meal options, please contact Jennifer at 913.683.2402. Keep us notified of which meals Farmhouse Catering will be providing for your group.

Groups are not permitted to use the Main Kitchen for storing food or preparing/cooking meals. Group meals, as indicated above, are included for each overnight guest by Christ’s Peace. Please refer to our Retreat Cost page for the meal breakdown pricing for day groups.

Here is our menu showing foods that are available to supplement breakfast and dinner meals:


Breakfast & Dinner Meal Menu

Breakfast: 7 – 9 am
Lunch: Noon
Dinner: 4 – 8 pm

Breakfast and dinner are self-serve. The perishable items are in the white refrigerator across from the sink. Feel free to eat in the dining room, on the back deck or in your dwelling, etc. We ask that you please wash your dishes and reset your place setting if you are eating in the dining room.

Please take a moment to read the “Kitchen Rules” which is posted by the single kitchen sink to better orient yourself on how the kitchen functions.


Seasonal – Various

Homemade GF Granola
Cereal – Various

Crackers – Various

Bread Slices
Bagels – Various
English Muffin


Jelly – Various
Mayo, Relish, Mustard, etc.


Almond Milk

Sliced/Block Cheese – Various
Cream Cheese
Cottage Cheese

Yogurt – Various


Hard Boiled Eggs
Whole Raw Eggs
Peanut Butter

Leftovers are also available in the white fridge – help yourself.