Benefit Information

Change of Status for Benefits:  30 day deadline applies
Qualified Change in Family Status:

– change from part time to full time employment
– change from full time to part time (see below) 
– death
– divorce
– birth, adoption or placement for adoption
– involuntary loss of a spouse’s or dependent’s coverage
– significant decrease in the spouse’s health benefits
– significant increase in the spouse’s health benefit

Benefit enrollment must be completed in Paylocity by the employee within the 30 day allowed time period.  Proof of the change in status such as a birth certificate, death certificate, qualified court order or statement from the spouse’s employer regarding reduction of benefits is required to be uploaded into Paylocity.  Insurance coverage is effective the first day of the month following the qualifying event.  

Open Enrollment for Benefits Each Fall
After an employee’s initial enrollment, the annual open enrollment period, each November, is the only time the employee can change pre-taxed benefit elections unless they have a qualified family status change.  

Full time to part time  
An full time employee with the medical benefit going to a part time position may keep the medical benefit for the rest of the plan year. The premiums will remain the same with the employer paying 60% of the premium. The employee must elect this coverage in Paylocity within 30 days of the status change.  

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