a) Credit Card Distribution

           The issuance of parish credit cards should be kept to a minimum whenever possible. Only those individuals in an administrative capacity should be issued a credit card. If the parish retains a single credit card for several to use, a detailed sign out sheet should be established indicating the name of the  individual using the card, the date and time checked out, proposed use and time and date and time returned.

b) Receipt Retention

          Parish employees using the parish credit card should be required to retain a receipt for any and all purchases made. The credit card receipts should be given to the parish bookkeeper at regular intervals for review and monthly reconciliation.

c) Personal Use of Parish Credit Card

           Under no circumstances should an individual be allowed to make personal purchases with the use of the Parish credit card. Additionally, under no circumstances should a payment be made directly to an individual’s personal credit card account.

d) Credit Card Reconciliations

            Credit card reconciliations proving the credit card statement to the previously received receipts should be made each and every month upon receiving the credit card statement. If receipts are consistently missing from a particular individual, the Pastor may consider terminating credit card privileges from that individual.