In following Federal guidelines, the Archdiocese offers Continuation of Coverage to eligible employees, actively enrolled in Medical Insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, who experience a qualifying event; such as:

  • Termination of employment; both voluntary and involuntary terminations
  • Retirement before age 65
  • Reduction in hours (Employees, with health benefits, moving from full time status to regular part time status can elect to continue medical coverage only, through the end of the plan year.
  • Disability
  • Death of the employee, (in the case of the employee spouse)

An employee that has ended employment with active Medical Insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, will be provided with the offer to elect Continuation of Insurance by the Chancery Human Resources office. The employee is responsible to pay the full premium plus a processing fee, when continuing this Medical benefit. The completed Continuation forms should be returned to the Chancery Human Resources office as soon as possible.  No more than two months of retroactive credit is given when an employee is no longer eligible for benefits or when employment has been terminated. Employees will pay premiums for Continuation coverage to the Chancery office. Employment should be terminated in Paylocity in a timely manner to allow Continuation forms to be mailed out timely.

Continuation applies to employees, their spouses, ex-spouses or dependents, actively enrolled in Medical Insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, that become ineligible as described above. Continuation coverage is available for up to 18 months if the loss of coverage is related to end of employment or reduction in hours. For other dependent loss of coverage events, the continuation coverage is available for up to 36 months. Employees and dependents who were eligible but not participating in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Plan at the time they lose coverage eligibility may not participate in Continuation.