a)      As the need arises, the Archbishop in consultation with the Presbyteral Council and other appropriate groups will establish new parish communities. To help facilitate the establishment of the new parish, the Archdiocese will donate a gift of land for the use of the parish. If the parish wishes additional land, it is the responsibility of the parish to acquire that additional acreage.

b)      All parishes in the Pastoral Region of the new parish are obliged to provide financial assistance for the construction of the new parish. This is in accord with Gospel values and the basic concept of Church. The ‘mother parish(es)” have a special moral and financial responsibility to the new parish. This includes encouraging current parishioners living within the boundaries of the new parish to become actively involved in supporting the new community.

c)      The regional pastoral leader, in cooperation with the priests of the Region, will provide the Archbishop with a suggested amount of financial help to be given by each parish and the method of providing it. The ‘mother parish(es)’ are expected to contribute a more significant amount in view of the contributions received from former parishioners now residing in the new parish.