Check to see if the employee has Sun Life Insurance.
  – Contact the Archdiocese HR Department at 913-721-1570 to process the Sun Life claim.  Please provide family contact information.

If family members are covered by active Archdiocese Family Medical benefits with Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Archdiocese will offer Continuation of Insurance. Please notify the Archdiocese HR Department. 

401(k) or 403(b) MOA ACCOUNT: This benefit would apply to Employees and Priests
If the employee was a full time employee, please provide the family with MOA contact information. Also let the family know, there will be a final contribution to the employee’s account after the last paycheck. 

Mutual of America customer service: 1-800-441-0726 plan #98503k

If the employee worked 30 or more hours a week in the years before 2014, the employee may be vested in the Lay Pension Frozen Plan. Contact the Archdiocese pension management company, CBIZ, at 913-345-0500 or toll free at 866-715-1354. Please provide family contact information. A copy of the death certificate may need to be provided.

If the employee had an active disability claim with Sun Life, please have the family call SunLife at  877-932-7287 to notify them.

FSA/Flexible Spending Account:
When a Participant dies, then the Plan participation shall cease. However, such Participant’s spouse or dependents may submit claims for expenses or benefits for the remainder of the Plan Year or until the Plan Benefit Dollars allocated to each specific benefit are exhausted. In no event may reimbursements be paid to someone who is not a spouse or dependent of the Participant.