(Office of Finance and Controls)

The Office of Finance & Controls was established in fiscal year 2007-2008 to promote transparency and uniformity throughout the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. The department is responsible for visiting each of the entities within the Archdiocese to perform financial and operational reviews on a rotating basis. The objective is to review each parish, school or other Archdiocesan entity within a three year cycle. Parish, schools and other Archdiocesan entities should make special efforts to accommodate the scheduling of these reviews.

Although the implementation of this new department will offer substantial support in the areas of financial and operational compliance, it is strongly recommended that the parishes schedule regular reviews from an outside professional on an annual basis. Parishioners that are familiar with auditing practices and principals are acceptable to assist in this review process.

Internal Controls Auditor
Mike Horn
(816) 507-4848

Parish Resources  (replaces Parish Admin Handbook – current; revised 2020)