Church Properties Tax Exemption

Church properties, whether used for Archdiocesan or parish purposes, are tax exempt because such properties are used exclusively for religious, educational or charitable purposes.  Real estate taxes are paid on all properties that are not used for these purposes.  Church property may be subject to special levies (sewer, water, etc.).

Property Tax Exemption

Property Tax Exemptions are to be handled through the Chief Financial Officer of the Archdiocese.  Also, any activity which would jeopardize the tax free status of any property must be referred to the Chief Financial Officer.

Property Tax Invoices

County Treasurers often send tax bills to individual parishes.  These bills should be forwarded to the Chancery Finance Office for review and then will be returned to the appropriate location for payment.

For Questions regarding real estate taxes

Francine Roshau

Administrative Assistant

Carla Mills

Chief Financial Officer