Seminarian Summer Pay

The Archdiocese has established a new policy for how seminarians are to be compensated when they are serving at a parish during the summer or a Pastoral Year. This is to create consistency across all parishes, and base the stipend on their level in seminary.

Summer assignments are a chance for the seminarian to grow in his human and pastoral formation, and benefit the parish to which he is assigned. The summer stipend is considered a scholarship to support seminarians in their education and personal expenses, since they are not a paid employee working at Archdiocese camps or missions. Parishes are asked to reimburse their business mileage, provide room & board, and provide a stipend based on the formula below. We request you issue checks in June, July and August to help them budget their expenses, even though they may start in May and end in late July. At the end of their assignment the parish should provide a letter to the seminarian stating the amount of financial support you provided. The seminarian will use this letter to prepare his income taxes in place of a W-2 or Form 1099. Seminarians should NOT be paid through your payroll.

– Summer internships College up to Theology I – $400/month for 3 months
– Summer intern Theology I, II, and III – $500/month for 3 months
– Summer intern as Deacon – $750/month for 3 months

For seminarians doing a Pastoral Year in a parish, their compensation will also depend on their level in seminary. They would also get room & board and mileage reimbursement. We ask you to issue their stipend on a monthly basis. They will also need a letter stating the amount of financial support they received.

– Pastoral Year taking college classes as a primary goal – the Archdiocese gives them $300/month during the year. The parish would reimburse business mileage.
– Pastoral Year in theology but not a deacon – $500/month.
– Pastoral Year as a deacon – $750/month.
– Seminarians attending IPF, SJV Spirituality Year retreat, or similar out of town retreat receive a stipend of $400/month. IPF students get $100 for gas costs. This is paid by the Archdiocese.