Preparing to Live in Love is now called EverMore in Love Marriage Preparation.

This course is a relevent, positive approach to marriage preparation! It combines three key components that make the program incredibly effective and uniquely helpful – program content, authentic witness, and experiential delivery.

It is skills oriented.  The program provides in-depth understanding of interpersonal relationship at the most intimate level and provides the tools necessary to nurture that relationship through all the changing circumstances of married life.  Topics are practical and relevant giving couples a sense of control over their own destiny and the confidence that they have the tools to live the life they desire.

EverMore in Love Marriage Preparation is facilitated by a specially trained married couple who is a living, credible witness of what the program teaches.  They are themselves striving to live in love and share personally from their own lives to motivate and inspire the engaged to embrace the vision for matrimony that the church holds up for its sacramental couples.

Each engaged couple has the opportunity to experience the immediate benefit and then put into practice the skills taught in Marriage Prep.  Each session includes exercises that personalize the content for the engaged and helps them to learn by doing under the guidance of their mentor couple.  Homework assignments reinforce the program content with everyday activities that drive home the practical reality of living in love amidst the chaos of life, allow the engaged to adopt helpful behaviors, and practice the skills they have learned.