When building a home, you first build the foundation, because without one the home will crumble. The same is true in marriage.  Because God is love, communication with Him supports our relationship when human love runs dry. In this level, we invite every couple to pray for (or with) their spouse daily.

Some suggestions for this level:

Pray for spouse daily at 3pm (or any set time…) Many couples find it helpful to set an alarm

  • Attend Mass together every week
  • Attend a Holy Hour together  This can be a regular hour at your parish or a special one, like School of Love hosts. Download this resource for ideas of how to spend an hour in prayer for your spouse!
  • Need a hand getting started? Many couples are not used to couple prayer, so it can be a little intimidating. This resource gives couples some non-threatening ideas to go deeper, whether a couple is just getting started, or wants to go deeper.