Divorce can be a devastating event for everyone involved.  As a Church, we are called to imitate Jesus Christ, who always sought to heal the broken hearted.  Below you will find resources to help your parish, your friends, family members or even yourself to begin the healing process.


From Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, the Beginning Experience program is presented by a team of people who have suffered the loss of a loved one through death, separation or divorce, and are willing to share their own experience to help others. Team members lead participants through a program of presentations, personal private reflection, and small group sharing.  A sense of community develops in an atmosphere of care and concern that is a hallmark of each  weekend.

Beginning Experience weekends are held three times a year in the Kansas City metro area.   http://www.beginningexperiencekc.org, and use the online inquiry form or contact register.bekc@gmail.com – Lynn Schulte 785-282-8964, Teresa Gutierrez 816-529-9002 .  For additional resources on healing, or to find a weekend in another city, visit: www.beginningexperience.org . 

Beginning Experience also offers a weekly format over the course of about 8 weeks that leads the participant through the healing process.  This weekly experience is called, “Coping with Life Alone”. For dates and registration information, contact: kc.cwla@gmail.com, Donna Eisenbarth 816-305-3760.


As a Catholic who has suffered and healed from divorce, Rose Sweet understands well how difficult that journey can be. She has developed a 12-week DVD course which is published by Ascension Press that features many prominent priests, psychologists and others who have both expertise and compassion for those suffering from divorce.  This course is easily presented on a parish level, but there are also materials for individual study.  If you are interested in starting a group at your parish, please contact Brad DuPont in the Office of Marriage and Family Life, bdupont@archkck.org or 913-647-0301.  To review or order materials, see http://www.catholicsdivorce.com/ or www.ascensionpress.com