Birthday: January 13

Parish: L.R.G. Anantapur, India

High School: L.R.G. Anantapur, India

University: Pariar, Salem, India

Seminary: Kenrick Glennon, St. Louis

Year in Seminary: Theology III

Favorite Saint: St. Dominic

My advice to men considering the priesthood: As advice I like to use the words of Pope Benedict XVI. He says, “It takes integrity, maturity, asceticism, constancy and heroism to become a great young priest.”

Why I want to be a Priest:  I want to be a priest to spread the love of God and to be a mediator between God and man.

Hobbies & Interests:  Reading, cooking, sports.

Those who influenced my vocation:  Mr. K. Anthony, my grandfather. Fr. Marianand Mendem, (an Archdiocese of KC, KS priest who is my uncle.)

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