Birthday: August 9

Parish: Ascension, Overland Park

High School: Homeschool

College: Completed 2 years at U. of Nebraska, Lincoln; finished at Conception Seminary

Seminary: St. John Vianney

Year in Seminary: Spirituality Year

Favorite Saint: St. Joseph or St. Longinus

My advice to men considering the priesthood: Find others like you. Talk to other men and women striving for Heaven and who are doing their best to follow God’s will. Pray often. Silence in front of the Blessed Sacrament is essential; it is what ultimately confirmed for me that God wanted me to enter the seminary. But remember, entering the seminary does not guarantee you will be a priest. Just take it day by day. Also, get close with your Mother in Heaven (especially by means of the rosary). Be not afraind. Live radically.

Why I want to be a priest: Can you think of a cooler job? Priests have the opportunity to change ordinary bread and wine into the Body. Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ…our God. Blows my mind.

Those who influenced me: My parents, Msgr. Tom Tank, Fr. Steven Mills, the examples of holy priests and the saints, prayers of the faithful.

Hobbies & Interests: Sports, exploring outdoors, hiking, biking, spontaneous adventures, hanging out with friends, traveling.

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