How to add, remove, secure, and privatize your pages.

Page Setup (Title, URL, and Parent) Instructions

How to place anchors within a page (click this Anchor!)

Make your links a button (easy!)

How to add an Anchor to your page (links within a page)

Step 1: Edit your page

Step 2: Click on the block you would like to land on

Step 3: On the right add a unique case specific name

Step 4: Add or select the text you would like to link from

Step 5: Make it a link and type “#office” (your chosen reference label – Don’t forget to start with a #). There are 2 anchors on this page. Edit and see!

For Anchor tips from WordPress click here

Box around your Links

Step 1: Create a link in the text

Step 2: Add ‘btn’ in Advanced –> Additional CSS Class(es)