The time has come to ask for help from our Liaisons group once more. Almost every page of our 825 pages has a new URL, look, and every menu has been updated to bring content together.

FIRST Review who is assigned as a liaison

Please review this list of every page on our website for your pages and assigned Liaisons.

You should be able to edit this spreadsheet. Review every page for correctness and verify the correct Liaison is identified. Please call Don if you need any help.

Columns to update on the spreadsheet:

Liaison – Verify your ownership of pages. Both those currently assigned to you and note any pages incorrectly assigned in this column. Please send Don an email if you find errors in this column and are not sure the correct liaison name. Change the Liaison name if you know the correct owner, else put ???? into the field so Don knows a liaison must be established.

Page URL – Do NOT change this field, just let Don know if there is an issue.

Recommendation – Keep this to just a simple word or so.

Possible recommendation options:
Fix Menu 

Excerpt Complete – Yes or blank. Contact Don if you have questions.

Webmaster Comment – Specific comments for Don. Very short, less than 6 words just to specify a topic.

Things not to do:

  1. Please do not delete any rows!
  2. Please do not modify any Page URLs
  3. Please do not sort this information

Second, add SEO information for every page

Go to this SEO page (will open in a new tab) and follow the instructions.