The Value Them Both page is packed with content and features such as:

  • An Animated Headline
  • Right hand more information column full of pops and page links
  • Connect with Us sign ups. Very important for building a base of interested users.
  • There was a count down timer to help create a sense of urgency!
  • Timeline widget: Can be used to replace a calendar in many cases
  • Popups – Great way to deliver deeper content and still not leave the page


Value Them Both


The Archbishop’s page:

  • Nice display of visual features
  • Coat of Arms popup
  • A section to navigate further
  • Monthly intentions feature a parallax (image stays fixed while page scrolls) feature
  • Office of the Archbishop shows how to display teams
  • Account Office shows office staff structure visually

Archbishop’s page

Most Reverend Joseph F. Naumann

Unique looks for your own website is a website made up of about 40 different websites. Our goal is not to have a page for each ‘silo’ but to consider our audience as the priority. Which sometimes means mixing several department’s links on the same page such as Parish Business.