Virtus and Background Check

BEFORE the first day of employment, the new employee must complete all VIRTUS requirements. Employees cannot start working until all of the following requirements are completed.

  • Taking the VIRTUS class
  • Completing the 3 policies (Child Protection, Policy Code of Ethical Standards, Harassment Policy)
  • Completing the background check (This may take several days for the full check to run in the system and be cleared.)

New Employees may not start work until all of the above requirements are completed.

Consult your VIRTUS Coordinator and make sure the steps and policies are completed through the VIRTUS website. 

EMPLOYEE offer letter

-Employee should receive and sign an offer letter before the hiring process begins.  The offer letter should include start date, employment type, salary and any other pertinent information.


– All new hires need to be put into Paylocity through the Onboarding Process.

– Training will need to be done by Onsite Admins before completing the Onboarding Process.  Contact the Archdiocese Human Resources team for the training modules.
I9 worksheet

Job description

-Manger and new employee should review the job description.


  • Select the appropriate time off setup once the onboarding is complete.