The Resurrection of Christ of Église Notre-Dame (Vitré)


When leading people to a stewardship way of life, it helps to begin where people are. Most feel that their efforts and their hard work has resulted in some level of accomplishment or wealth. It is not too hard to see that a person’s ability, talents, special gifts, education, determination – with God’s grace – makes success possible.

However, people, including Catholics, often make an unconscious decision to seek security in the wealth and the things accumulated. It is only natural to do so. But God calls us to a supernatural life.


As a follower of Jesus Christ we find that things and money are no longer as satisfying. The Second Vatican Council reminded us that we are called to build up not only our world but the Kingdom of God. We work in partnership with God, sharing in a divine human collaboration in creation. This is central to our lives as Christian stewards.  (USCCB: To Be a Christian Steward, 2013)

He has created us, and this wonderful world. We have the skills and knowledge to make more of this creation.

The joyful appreciation for the God-given beauty and abundance of our lives and everything around us is the heart of being a faithful steward. This abundance, these fruits of our labor taste so much better when we have the chance to share them with others.