There are many “ways to give”:

  • Your Sunday Offering
  • Annual fundraising campaigns like our Archbishop’s Call to Share
  • Parish Capital Campaigns
  • Directly to the archdiocesan outreach ministries and charities like Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas or the Catholic Education Foundation.
  • Through your estate plans
  • Through established giving funds like an Endowment.
  • By setting up your own Endowment.
  • By setting up your own Donor Advised Fund.

To be more intentional about giving and not just giving from your extra resources of cash “on hand” can benefit you by maximizing your financial ability to give because you are using tax saving strategies or income producing strategies. Using these strategies effectively will be a joyful experience because you will know you are providing for yourself and your family and protecting them and your assets from taxes. It is an act of being a good steward when your hard earned money can be used at its full value rather than go to taxes.

So, how do you choose from the list of the “many ways to give?” Here are the steps:

First, look at your household to “see what you have to give”. What are your financial and property assets?
Next, read and research “how to give from assets.
Visit with Catholic advisors who know “how” to give from your assets to maximize your giving, now, and through your estate. They can run proposals and even a prospectus that will estimate how your planned gift can be increased or taxes mitigated by using certain strategies.
To learn more about working with Catholic financial and legal advisors, contact Terri Lynn, the Associate Director for Planned Giving in the Office of Stewardship and Development at