Resources for Developing Digital/Online Giving (ACH)

Encouraging your parishioners to give through a regular Sunday Offering can be difficult. They may not attend the parish each week and subsequently they miss their weekly Sunday Offering when using envelopes. Offering them the capability of ACH or direct debit will ensure that they feel good about being a good steward and help ensure the financial stability of the parish.

It starts with a website where you can prominently add a link to navigate to the online giving page. Links other parishes use are, “Stewardship” and “Ways to Give”. On the page could be the following text and then provide a logo or link to your online giving vendor: 

Done with Writing Checks?

We are excited to announce that online giving is now available. Parishioners can safely and securely manage their contributions to the parish from home.  Donations can be made via checking or savings accounts, debit cards or major credit cards. Members can set their recurring donation to disperse weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  Thank you for your generous support!