We are a community committed to preventing abuse. Our policies and programs prioritize safety of children and the vulnerable.

We care about survivors of abuse.

Victim Care Advocate: (913) 298-9244

Office for Protection and Care

Jenifer Valenti
Office for Protection and Care
email: jvalenti@archkck.org
call or text: (913) 602-7717

Jenifer Valenti spent her previous legal career as an attorney prosecuting crimes against people. She was the supervisor of the Domestic Violence Unit at the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, where she earned accolades as Trial Attorney and Victim Champion of the Year. Jenifer worked closely with law enforcement, victim advocacy groups, and child protective services. In a career shift in 2011, she was appointed “Ombudsman” by the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in Missouri. Hired in response to the sexual abuse scandal unfolding in the diocese, she served eight years as an independent investigator, consultant and public liaison for sexual abuse concerns. Her previous professional experience equips her to serve in her current role as the director for the Office for Protection and Care where she oversees sexual abuse prevention and response efforts since 2019.

Kathleen Chastain
Associate Director
Office for Protection and Care

Kathleen Chastain holds a degree in business administration and has spent the bulk of her career working in the private sector. Kathleen’s work positioned a small boutique research and consulting firm to become an international competitor and leader in its industry. Retiring as vice president of Client Services over a decade ago, Kathleen felt called to assist in responding to the local and national clergy abuse scandal. During her tenure as victim advocate for more than five years with the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, she fought for use of a proactive restorative approach to responding to the many harms caused by Church abuse. Kathleen actively promotes the use of restorative principles to address abuse as they are aligned with our Catholic social teachings. She has witnessed the power of using restorative practices to relationally support the healing journey of victim/survivors. As the consultant for the OPC team, Kathleen offers her expertise and advice on all aspects of the archdiocesan prevention and response responsibilities, with a special interest in employing restorative theory.

Melanie Savner
Administrative Assistant
Office for Protection and Care

Melanie Savner graduated from Drake University with a degree in Public Administration, working in the marketing public transit services for several years after graduation.  She also worked in the office of a Blue Valley elementary school.  A large part of Melanie’s career has been spent working at the Chancery for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.  After two years of retirement, Melanie is back working for the Archdiocese, having been the assistant in the Vocation Office for over 15 years.  In that role she organized many events, growing  a deep understanding of the processes and workings of the Archdiocese. For over ten years Melanie has volunteered  as an advocate for those going through the annulment process.

Sandy Vielhauer
Protection Compliance Administrator
Office for Protection and Care

Sandy Vielhauer has eight years of experience in data management in the field of safe environment. She is committed to assisting the parishes and schools to maintain their local safe environment program in order to ensure all employees and volunteers working around children and vulnerable adults  are compliant with archdiocesan policies. Prior to coming to the archdiocese,  Sandy retired from the US Postal Service after 37 years;  the last 25 of which were in various managerial roles in marketing including Claims and Inquiry, Express Mail, and Business Mail Entry functions.  

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas has a sincere commitment to protecting our vulnerable from abuse. When those efforts fail, we strive toward transparency in the hope of healing and restoration. There is much work left to do to atone for the heinous sins and crimes committed by those who were entrusted with the sacred care of the vulnerable.