The following steps should be completed by the Parish Appeal Coordinator and other staff or volunteers prior to sending the gift envelopes in the prepaid Tyvek envelope to the bank lockbox for the Office of Stewardship & Development.

Sort into the following categories:

A) Gift Envelopes (Pledges only, Pledges with checks, Pledges with Credit Card Information, Check Gifts, Credit Card Gifts, Cash Gifts)

Envelopes with a check or credit card information—ensure that the amount on the “Amount Enclosed line matches the check. Make sure that the check is attached behind the card with a paper clip or staple.  Bundle with a rubber band.

Envelopes with cashensure that the amount enclosed matches the amount indicated on the “Amount Enclosed” line and write “CASH” next to the amount on the pledge card.  Deposit all cash in your parish account, write a parish check payable to the “Archbishop’s Call to Share”.  (This also includes any anonymous cash donations.)  On the pledge card write the parish check number next to the word CASH. The parish check needs to be placed on top of the cards that had cash enclosed, and wrap it and the cards with a paper clip or rubber band.

For In-Pew Envelopes—Affix the label supplied by the Office of Stewardship & Development to the “Parish Use Only” section that corresponds to the personal information completed by the donor for any in pew envelope pledges.  If no label exists and the donor is registered in your parish, write “New” in that section and write in your parish name.  If the donor is not registered, please indicate “Visitor” in that section. Do not include that pledge information in your parish report totals.

NOTE: If you receive a check without an envelope, please fill out an In Pew envelope, include donor name, address,  and Parish Name, for the donor and affix the corresponding label.

Open all gift envelopes and verify that any enclosed payments match the information on the “Amount Enclosed” line. 

 B) Zeros/Amen/Blank Envelopes  (Refusals)  For those envelopes indicating a zero or blank gift, please count them and bundle with a rubber band

 For payments on existing pledges, please wrap these payments with a paper clip or rubber band and do not count them in your weekly report.