An easy way to invite back those who have stopped giving to the Archbishop’s Call to Share.


Donors to the Archbishop’s Call to Share who have been faithful givers, but who did not make a gift last year, are among the most likely to return as donors. These individuals are referred to as “lapsed” donors.

First Step

Prepare now. If you are going to use this approach, your letter should be sent at the end of March.

The Stewardship Office sends an ACTS mailing appeal to lapsed donors reminding them of their last gift and how much their prior generosity helped others. This letter will be mailed at the beginning of March.  Another reminder is sent the first week of April. The letter will ask them to renew their giving at the same amount or to increase their gift.

Second Step

The ACTS office can supply you or your ACTS leader with a list of those donors who lapsed in 2018, or who still have not given in 2019. This list is usually a small percentage of the parish so the mailing is quite manageable. It will include the name, address and most recent giving history of the person who has lapsed.

Often there are particular circumstances that you may know about that caused them to stop giving. It could be the loss of a job, illness in the family or another dire situation. Or, it may have been an oversight or they just didn’t “get around to it.” These are the donors who can be reminded to join this important appeal again. Hearing directly from the pastor can be an important motivation for giving.

Third Step

Plan your lapsed donor mailing early. Start now!

The suggested letter below gives you an opportunity to tailor the message for your parish. If you are going to make this effort to reach out to lapsed donors, we suggest that you wait until after the in-pew appeal at your parish. Once you are certain they have not made a gift in 2019, plan the mailing prior to the final ACTS follow-up reminder to all Archdiocesan households, which will take place in the first week of April. Even if you mail to a small number of households, there can be a high-success response rate.

Lapsed Donor Letter


  • contact the ACTS Office to get the list of lapsed donors from 2018 and those who still have not given in 2019
  • check to certain they have not made a gift this year after the in-pew appeal
  • prepare your letter drop prior to the first week of April
  • use the letter template provided and customize and personalize it – mention an ACTS supported ministry or activity that benefits those in your parish
  • print on parish stationery and include a #9 return envelope to the parish office
  • consider a follow-up call to anyone who is a faithful offertory giver, but who did not give to ACTS last year