Send Endorsement and/or Thank You Letters to Parishioners

Pastor Endorsement Letters

A personal letter of support from the pastor is an effective way to make your parishioners more aware of the need for their financial support.  Your endorsement will link the parish to this archdiocesan effort.  A second letter should be considered if you find that, by the middle or later stage of the appeal, the number and amount of pledges do not meet your expectations.  Sample letters can be downloaded here:

Pastor Thank You Letter

Saying thank you is most important when parishioners respond generously to your request for help.  In addition to thanking parishioners from the pulpit, please consider sending a personal letter of appreciation to each parishioner as pledges come in.  Your Coordinator will need to keep track of the pledges received.  If your Coordinator needs a parishioner list, they should contact Geri Nickels at  Thank-you letters from Archbishop Naumann will be sent as pledges are received.  He will send an additional thank-you in November near Thanksgiving.