our sacred purpose:

Under our Heavenly Father’s providential care, guided by the Holy Spirit and in humble response to the call of Jesus to go and make missionary disciples, we the Catholic Church of Northeast Kansas are committed to embody the life and mission of Jesus through Word, Sacrament, and Service so that all God’s people in the Archdiocese may hear and encounter the living Christ and the Joy of the Gospel.

our ten Year Statement of vision:

The Catholic Church in Northeast Kansas:
Growing as disciples of Jesus, making disciples for Jesus.

our five Overall pastoral priorities
Conversion – Evangelization – All forms of catholic education – Outreach to those in need – Stewardship


What we will address and develop through 2025.

Build a culture of evangelization across the Archdiocese


  • Archdiocesan parishes/apostolates will equip and encourage missionary discipleship in homes and communities by strengthening individual relationships with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church through the Enflame practices of sharing, caring and praying. Pastors will continue to share the work of their parish communities in encouraging missionary discipleship through completing the Annual Pastoral Survey in October 2022.
  • In promoting a culture of Eucharistic Amazement, emphasis will be given toward the recognition of Jesus as Truly Present in the Blessed Sacrament through the truth of our teaching, the beauty of Mass and the goodness of personal accompaniment. Pastors will discern strengthening the culture of Eucharistic Amazement within their parish communities, considering 1) how best to highlight the Feast of Corpus Christi 2023 and 2) what 2-3 specific opportunities for further enrichment/formation of individual relationship with Christ in the Eucharist might best serve their community through November 2023.
  • Foster the living of a simple way of life that includes friendship, good conversation and the Rosary by expanding the School of Faith’s Movement of the Holy Family to 11,000 subscribers and 1,000 members by October 31, 2020.

Strengthen the vocation of marriage and family life


  • In order to positively affect relationship culture in their communities and increase religious participation, parishes are strongly encouraged to infuse their ministries with relationship courses. By February 2023, 10-20 parishes will prioritize marriage and relationship health by establishing at least one new skills-based outreach, such as the Communio outreach.
  • Catholic schools and religious education programs are most effective when children are supported by strong family relationships. To help foster this learning environment, by June 2023, 20-30 schools or religious education programs will promote healthy marriage and family relationships by providing resources or promoting parish-based relationship outreaches.

CULTIVATE relationships by engaging in the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy


In order that parishioners may grow as disciples of Jesus by concrete expressions of His way of mercy…

  • By Advent of 2022, all parishes (or parish clusters) are encouraged to identify 2-5 volunteers as a “Parish Mercy Team” who meet regularly to work in collaboration with Catholic Charities, Social Justice, Respect Life, and Special Needs ministries and who implement one or more parish-wide Archdiocesan sponsored Mercy Project per year.
  • By Sept 1, 2022, all parishes (or parish clusters) will be empowered to identify a Parish Pro-Life Coordinator and assemble a supporting committee who will foster the “Walking With Moms” initiative within the parish and, as needed, mobilize the parish to support a woman/family through connection with Catholic Charities and other community support resources, in order to highlight the beautiful gift of pregnancy, and better support women and families challenged by an unplanned pregnancy or challenging life circumstances, and to help Kansas become a destination state for life,
  • Because the Gospel is to be proclaimed to all, by June of 2023, every Catholic Institution and Parish of the Archdiocese will utilize the “Archdiocesan Best Practices Checklist for Special Needs” to assess and identify ways to improve their services to and accessibility for persons with disabilities and their families, as well as persons who are deaf or have hearing loss, in order to budget for one improvement annually.
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