Archdiocese Employee Expense Reimbursement Policy
Archdiocesan Policies Link
Chancery Handbook
Emergency Shelter Map
Grandparent Leave Policy
Parental Leave Policy
Schedule of Holidays, Holy Days 2020-2021
Telecommuting Policy
Vaccination Policy
Vehicle Safety Policy

Accounts Payable Voucher Form
ACH Authorization Form – Accounts Payable
Archdiocese Credit Card Voucher Form
Cash Transmittal Form
Direct Deposit can be updated anytime in Paylocity > Self-Service Portal > Employees > Employee Payroll File > Payroll Setup > Direct Deposit
FSA Form – Go to Paylocity
Mileage Voucher Form July-December 2021
Petty Cash Request from Accounting
Priest’s Mileage Voucher Form 2020
Priest’s Mileage Voucher Form 2021
Procurement of Hardware and Software Worksheet
Remote Access Request
Tuition Grant Voucher – Grade School
Tuition Grant Voucher – High School

401(k) contribution changes can be made at any time in Paylocity > Self Service Portal > Employees > Employee Payroll File > Payroll Setup > Deductions.
Frozen Lay Pension – Applies to employees who were full time prior to 2014.

Contact Information:
401(k):  Contact TIAA 800-842-2252
Frozen Lay Pension: Contact CBIZ 866-715-1354 ask for the Archdiocese Service Team

Value Added Services Link

Hartford Life Insurance:  Paylocity > Enterprise Benefits > My Profile > Beneficiaries
401(k):  Contact TIAA (800) 842-2252
Frozen Lay Pension:  Contact CBIZ (866) 715-1354 ask for the Archdiocese Service Team