Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas


Discover God’s Call for Your Life. Called & Gifted supports you as you discern your spiritual gifts and God’s call for your life.

PART 1 – Workshop

Lays the foundation for the beginning of your spiritual gifts discernment. Includes ancient teachings of the Church on the 23 most common gifts of Holy Spirit, and a Catholic spiritual gifts inventory.

PART 2 – Interview

Our one-hour gifts interview with a CSI trained interviewer to sift through your inventory results and determine where to start your discernment.

PART 3 – Discernment

A six-eight week in-depth guided experience of intentional discernment lead by a CSI trained facilitator.


God is calling you to a unique purpose in life, a work of love that only you can do. Discern your charisms (spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit) and further discern God’s call. You have received gifts in Baptism and Confirmation through which God intends His love to reach others. Through Called & Gifted you can discover the charisms in you!

The Called & Gifted discernment process consists of three parts and is offered in-person or online, which includes Church teaching on the nature of charisms, call and vocation, and how to undertake the process of discernment.

We invite you into this three-part discernment process brought to you through an exciting partnership between the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas and the Catherine of Siena Institute (CSI). The three-part process is available to anyone in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas at a significantly reduced cost due to our partnership and the Archbishop’s Call to Share!


In particular, if you are wondering how you are to fulfill the mission God has for you, or navigate a life transition (entering retirement, changing jobs, re-entering the job market, etc.), you might find that gifts discernment helps you decide what turn to take next.
Understanding your charisms can help you simplify your life and avoid burnout. If you know your gifts, it becomes easier to say “no” when people ask you for things that you don’t really have to give. And because it is unusually energizing and fulfilling to exercise a charism, you are much less likely to burn out if you are working in your area of giftedness.

Understanding your charisms can free you from the need to compare yourself to others. Participants in our workshops regularly comment how healing an experience it is to discern their gifts. If you find that you judge yourself for not measuring up to the standards of others, you can be freed by recognizing that your giftedness and calling are different from theirs.

Understanding your charisms can make a big difference in family life! It can enable you to understand and cherish your spouse’s gifts.
Understanding charisms can help you recognize and nurture the emerging gifts of your children.

The discernment of charisms can help you understand and name what you are already experiencing. After interviewing thousands of everyday Catholics, we have discovered that many lay people are having remarkable experiences of God that they don’t understand, can’t put into perspective, and feel that they can’t talk about with anyone else. If this sounds like you, gifts discernment can help you to see that some of these experiences may be signs of a charism, a normal part of our lives as Christians.

how it works

get started

Participants can join Called & Gifted through self-study or group-study. In either format, participants will complete the three-part discernment process outlined above. Those interested in the self-study will complete Part 1 (workshop and gifts inventory) on their own. Those interested in the group-study will complete Part 1 as a group at your parish. Either method is coordinated through your parish so they can help you with Part 2 (finding an interviewer) and Part 3 (joining a discernment group at your parish).  

Prior to registering, interested participants should contact their parish office to ensure Called & Gifted is being offered. Participants can register three times throughout the year: fall, winter, summer.

Fall registration is from September 1 – September 30
Winter registration is from February 1 – February 28
Summer registration is from May 1 – May 31

Online, self-guided workshops typically begin the month after registration, with interviews and discernment groups to follow. Please note that the length of this program varies, but will likely last longer than the season in which you register.

The discounted cost of the program is $54. The cost includes all course materials, shipping, and access to the online learning platform. 


For parishes interested in offering Called & Gifted as part of their programming, please contact Lee McMahon at the Archdiocese to help coordinate your effort and discuss special pricing. He can be reached at or 785-218-2708.