• Teacher Service Award Order Form

    Order is due by June 15, 2022

    (Awards will be distributed at August 2, 2022 School Leader Kickoff)

  • Enter the number of awards needed for each year below:

  • Guidelines for determining years of Service are taken from the Retirement Plan for Lay Employees, p. 7, #11.


    Service is the period of employment as a full-time teacher, measured in years and complete months. An employee is defined as “full-time” when he or she meets the requirements of averaging 30 hours per week for the school year. The period from the full-time employment date of hire to the present academic year is considered in determining service. If there is a break in service, that is, if a teacher leaves employment with the Archdiocese and is later rehired, the previous service will count if it was longer than the length of the break in service and if that teacher has worked a minimum of 12 continuous months since the rehire date. Service may also be counted for authorized leaves of absences not to exceed six months. Also, service is portable, in that, if a teacher has Service with more than one employer within the Archdiocese, the total accumulated service can be recognized.

    • In the case of these teacher service recognition awards, the employment must be in a parish school, as opposed to another form of service.

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