In order to standardize and facilitate the process of approval for capital campaigns and major construction/renovation projects of parishes, schools and institutions of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, the following procedures are required for all projects estimated to cost more than $25,000.

Concept Approval For Projects Estimated To Cost More Than $25,000

When a parish, school or institution determines that it is advisable to explore the possibility of conducting a capital campaign or initiating a major construction/renovation project estimated to cost more than $25,000, a letter is to be sent to the Archbishop outlining the nature and preliminary scope of the project, preliminary estimates of cost and the source of funding with request for permission to proceed. These preliminary plans and costs should be discussed with the Archdiocesan Director of Real Estate & Construction in advance. The letter is to be signed by the Pastor and the Chairpersons of the Finance Council and/or Pastoral Council, in the case of institutions, the CEO and the Board Chairperson, and in the case of schools, the President. A copy of the letter and proposal is to be sent to the Chancellor, CFO, Director of Real Estate & Construction, and the Director of Stewardship and Development

The Archbishop or designee will respond in writing to the request indicating any specific expectations regarding the project or process. Normally a feasibility study is required when undertaking a capital campaign for major construction/renovation.

Major Construction & Renovation

Once the Archbishop has given preliminary approval for a major construction or construction project, the entity’s leadership is to work with the Archdiocesan Director of Real Estate & Construction. The entity is to follow the steps, procedures and approval process outlined in the Guidelines for New Construction and Major Renovation. The Director of Real Estate & Construction is to be involved in the selection process of the architect and the general contractor as well as review all plans at various stages in the process.

All contracts for architectural and construction services are to be reviewed by the Archdiocesan General Counsel and signed by the Archbishop or his designee.


Prior to undertaking a capital expenditure the source of all funding must be clearly identified. Normally 50% of the cost of the total project must be cash in hand with the balance in pledges or other identified source of income.

Loans from the Deposit and Loan Fund are made available to provide funds with favorable interest rates. Loan terms are determined by the Deposit and Loan Board of Trustees. Loans less than $100,000 may be approved by the Chancellor or Chief Financial Officer.

Capital Campaigns

Consultation with the Director of Stewardship and Development is required prior to retaining a firm to do a feasibility study and/or to undertake a capital campaign. The Director of Stewardship and Development will assist in the determination of needed assistance and selection of the appropriate firm to provide services,

When completed the feasibility study is sent to the Archbishop with a copy to the Director of Stewardship and Development. Also to be included is a letter from the Pastor and parish leadership regarding their recommendations for the next actions to be taken.

The Archbishop will review the study and recommendations and then give the appropriate permission for the campaign.

The parish leadership is to provide periodic progress updates to the Director of Stewardship and Development.

For Questions regarding parish capital campaigns

Lisa McKelvey

Director of Stewardship and Development

Dan Himmelberg

Director, Real Estate & Construction

Fr John Riley

Chancellor and Vicar General