February 13, 2023

There is disturbing news to report to you today–and a way you can help.  

As predicted, Kansas is now a haven for abortion in the Midwest.  Kansas abortion clinics are reporting record numbers of women at their doors. A new abortion clinic just opened in Wichita.  The abortion industry is celebrating recent court rulings allowing them to order the deadly abortion pill protocol (remember the movie Unplanned?) by Tele-Med.  Abortion by zoom call has come to Kansas.
Women experiencing unplanned pregnancies are understandably terrified and many are seeking life-giving options.   We must not and cannot abandon moms and babies to the predatory abortion industry. 
Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) and maternity homes in Kansas provide real choices for pregnant women.  PRCs need your help more than ever before.  We’re trying to help them by promoting legislation offering incentives for people like you who can financially support PRCs.   
This is exactly what HB 2135 will do:
HB 2135 provides a 70% tax credit for individuals and businesses who wish to donate to a Kansas PRC or maternity home. HB2135 (and SB 96, the Senate’s version of this legislation) allows donors to PRC’s to receive a 70% tax credit for their contributions. It’s an incredible way to get more resources into the hands of these centers who walk with women in difficult situations and give them support when they choose life for their reborn baby.   Tax credits like this are becoming more common across the country in states like Missouri.  They help donors give PRCs and maternity homes the resources they need to walk with moms experiencing an unplanned pregnancy–now and after the baby is born.  
This is what we aim to accomplish with HB 2135, but we need your help. Sadly, there are many legislators not content with virtually unrestricted abortion in Kansas. Kansas may be a haven state for abortion, but can’t we at least help provide moms with other options?  
Please do your part by contacting your State Senator or Representative, and respectfully ask them to say YES TO HB 2135! Click on the button below which will take you to a pre-written message which is ready to go–or better yet, edit the message into your own words!
On behalf of the Kansas Catholic Bishops–THANK YOU for your efforts on behalf of the moms and babies!
We persevere. 
Chuck Weber
Kansas Catholic Conference



Congress is about to vote on the most radical abortion bill of all time.
The ongoing push to force taxpayer-funded abortion in the budget process is terrible. The so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” is much worse.
In addition to forcing taxpayer dollars to fund abortion, this bill would mean…

  • Abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy would be imposed nationwide, even in states that don’t want it.
  • Pro-life laws would be on the chopping block at every level of government (federal, state, and local). This includes laws on parental notification for minor girls, informed consent, and health or safety protections for abortion facilities.
  • Health care professionals like doctors and nurses would likely be forced to perform, assist in, and/or refer for abortion against their deeply-held beliefs.
  • Employers and insurers would be forced to cover or pay for abortion.

We need to tell the House of Representatives that this horrible bill must never be enacted.
Please – can you spare just a moment to email Congress now?



Congress is trying to force Americans to pay for abortion.

The Hyde Amendment and similar laws have protected taxpayers from funding elective abortion for 45 years. Now, powerful members of Congress want to take away these laws that both Democrats and Republicans have supported for nearly half a century. Billions of taxpayer dollars could be used to pay for abortion.

It is critically important for Catholics to send a strong message before Congress moves forward to impose taxpayer-funded abortion.

Click HERE for tools that can be used within your networks, to raise their awareness and urge Catholics to sign the petition.



The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (H.R. 619) has again been introduced in Congress to protect babies from infanticide.
But efforts to bring the bill to a vote in the House are being blocked. Your action is needed to urge your Representative to sign a discharge petition that would allow this vote to occur.
Some states have passed laws to expand abortion and to repeal laws providing specific protections for babies born alive after surviving an attempted abortion. The Born-Alive Act would provide these specific protections nationwide to help prevent newborns from being killed or left alone to die.
We must continue to push Congress to pass the Born-Alive Act, so babies born alive following an abortion attempt are treated the same as any other newborn baby. PLEASE ACT TODAY!!!
Click here for more information




Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. The Equality Act, which is being voted on in the U.S. Senate soon, in many ways does the opposite and needs to be opposed. Instead of respecting differences in beliefs about marriage and sexuality, the Equality Act would discriminate against people of faith. The Equality Act would: punish faith-based organizations, such as charities and schools who serve everyone in their communities, simply because of their beliefs; force girls and women to compete against boys and men for limited opportunities in sports, and to share locker rooms and shower spaces with biological males who identify as women; risk mandating taxpayers to fund abortions; force people in everyday life, and especially health care workers, to support gender transition; and expand what the government considers a “public” place, forcing even some parish halls to host functions that conflict with Catholic beliefs.