At the heart of the church’s ministry is facilitating for its members an encounter with the person of Jesus Christ.  Central to what it means to be Catholic is the development of a friendship with Jesus through prayer and reflection. 


The commission that Jesus gave to the church was to go and make disciples of all nations.  The church can never be content with itself as it is currently constituted.  We must always be guided by a missionary impulse to share the gift of our faith with others.


An essential component of the church’s ministry is the education of the next generation of disciples as well as the continuing formation of all its members.


The church is called to make the love of Jesus real and tangible in the world today, especially to the poor, the vulnerable and those on the peripheries.


Catholic spiritually begins with profound gratitude resulting from the realization that everything, including life itself, is God’s gift.  Thus, the question for every Christian is:  What is God calling me to with all that he has entrusted to me?

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