Fr. Tom Aduri, pastor of Mother Teresa of Calcutta – Topeka, nominated Don and Connie Whitlock as ACTS 2023 Honorary Chairs.

Don and Connie Whitlock

Don and Connie Whitlock are active parishioners at Mother Teresa of Calcutta who give countless hours of service, attend daily Mass and spend time in adoration. Don and Connie are extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, frequent bible studies, serve as RCIA sponsors, and generously maintain the church’s building and grounds including cleaning, lawn mowing and ongoing maintenance. Don is an altar server, sacristan for daily Mass, and participates on the Parish Finance Council and Knights of Columbus. Connie is a leader in parish fundraising including auction dinners and the Jamboree event. She participates in two parish ministries, Hands of Hope that makes home cooked meals for the homeless and Mother’s Hugs, a group that knits and crochets items for various local charities. “Their love for the Church can be seen in their dedication and readiness to assist whenever they are called upon,” said Fr. Tom Aduri. “When I look at their dedication and love for the church, they remind me of what truly blessed means.”