Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

Resources For PArishes

We are so grateful that your parish is inviting your people to ask the Holy Spirit to Enflame their hearts, homes and communities; we want to assist you on this journey. We offer some basic tools to help you. Please share with us other tools that you find helpful or enhancements that you would like to see to the tools that we offer. Please contact us with your questions, comments and share with us the valleys and mountain tops of this challenging work.

Convocation Materials

Breakouts Included

  • School of Faith
    • Presented on parish offerings, including Project DNA and Underground. Attendees learned about how to engage your parish in fresh new approaches.
  • Young Adult Faith: Teens to Twenties Keeping the Flame Burning Brightly.
  • Reaching My Zip Code: Featuring Caring for Kids and Love KC/Bless Every Home
    • Learn about approaches to connecting with those not in your pews but living in your neighborhood.
  • Twinning, Holistic Wellness and Special Needs
    • Learn about Parish Collaboration, a new approach to holistic wellness (exercise to loss support) and considerations for including those with special needs and their families.
  • Welcoming across Racial and Language Lines
    • At the Welcoming across Racial, Cultural and Language Lines breakout we explored the importance of developing healthy attitudes, knowledge and skills for interracial, intercultural and interlingual relationships. Delegates looking to take the next step are strongly encouraged to prayerfully study the US Bishop’s recent pastoral letter -Open Wide our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love and/or see this link
  • Wrapping Around Families and Respecting Life
    • For more information on the Go Project contact Abby Fry at
      • View additional resource here
    • For more information contact Ann Marie Alvey at 913-621-2199 or visit
      • View additional resource here
    • For more information on Foster Care contact Abby Fry at 816-536-8333 or visit
      • View additional resource here
  • Catholic Charities
    • For more information click here
  • Evangelization Office: Next Steps and Offerings
    • Learn about exciting and practical ways to better Enflame our Hearts, Homes and Community.
  • Business: Church and Secular To Build The Kingdom
    • Hear how parishes use the know-how of the local Catholic business community and church teaching to change the equations of your city. Additionally, local business owners shared how their faith shapes their business practices.

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Audio For Enflame Our Hearts