Upon his 75th birthday, a deacon must offer his resignation from his canonical assignment(s). The deacon should indicate his preference to continue in his current assignment(s) or retire. The deacon will continue in his current assignment(s) until receiving a response from the Archbishop.

A deacon may request retirement from diaconal ministry before his 75th birthday if he becomes unable to fulfill his diaconal assignment(s) because of ill health or another serious reason.

Any such offer of resignation and/or request for retirement status should be made in writing to the Archbishop, with a copy of the request sent to the Director of the Office of the Permanent Diaconate.

The Archbishop will respond in writing indicating his acceptance or denial of the retirement request after considering all the circumstances involved.  The deacon remains in active status until the Archbishop formally accepts his retirement request.

Unless explicitly revoked or modified, faculties remain in effect after retirement.

A retired deacon is retired from active ministry only, and not from the order of deacons. Accordingly, he is welcome to continue his participation in archdiocesan liturgical celebrations and in other archdiocesan events.

Retired deacons are not bound to obligations of continuing education, annual retreats, and annual evaluations. 

Retired deacons of the Archdiocese may exercise their diaconal faculties at a parish within the Archdiocese only with the express permission of the pastor.

So long as retired deacons retain faculties or otherwise continue in any form of Church ministry, they must remain current with their safe environment (“VIRTUS”) certification.

Retired deacons are expected to continue to pray daily for the Church (canon 276). All retired permanent deacons in the Archdiocese are ordinarily required to pray Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer each day. The Archbishop may dispense this requirement in the event of physical or mental infirmity, or for other good reason.

Retired deacons must report to the Office of the Permanent Diaconate on an annual basis to provide a summary of any ministerial activity undertaken during the year.

Based upon the above circumstances and the standing of the deacon in the

Archdiocese, deacons will be identified as belonging to one of the following classifications:

A. Active: Involved in a parochial or special ministry assignment by appointment of the Archbishop and meeting the obligations of his office according to archdiocesan policy.

B. Retired: Ordinarily retaining faculties but no longer requiring an appointment to ministry in a parish or special ministry.

C. Leave of absence: Relieved from active ministry and any canonical appointment for a period up to one year during which time the deacon is prohibited from exercising his faculties without explicit written permission from the Archbishop.

D. Suspended: Formal suspension from active ministry and the use of faculties at the directive of the Archbishop. Suspended deacons are removed from all listings of deacons in the Archdiocese.

E. Deceased: Listed in the necrology of deacons as having died in good standing.