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What is so important about the number 99%?
What’s the big deal with ASL YOUCAT?
Why are we on earth? (Q 1-2)
Does God exist? (Q 3-6)
How does God reveal Himself? (Q 7-8)
What does God show us in Jesus? (Q 9-10)
How can we tell what belongs to the true faith? (Q 11-13)
Is Sacred Scripture true? (Q 14-16)
What is the significance of Old & New Testament? (Q 17-19)
Faith – What is it? (Q 20-22)
Is there a contradiction between faith & science? (Q 23-24)
Faith has a formula? (Q 25)
What are creeds? (Q 26-27)
What do the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds say? (Q 28-29)
Discussion Questions for Season 1 (Q 1-29)
The 4 Rs of Prayer
Who created the world? (Q 44)
Why do we believe in only one God? (Q 30-31)
What does it mean to say God is truth? (Q 32)
What should you do when you have come to know God? (Q 33-34)
Can we deduce logically that there are 3 persons in 1 God? (Q 35-39)
Can God do anything? (Q 40)
Why does Genesis say “creation is the work of 6 days”? (Q 45-46)
Why did God create the world? (Q 47-48)
Does God guide the world & my life? (Q 49-50)
Does science make God unnecessary? (Q 41)
Can you accept evolution and still believe in God? (Q 42)
Is the world a product of chance? (Q 43)
Why doesn’t God prevent evil? (Q 51-53)
What are angels? (Q 54-57)
Why did God make man? (Q 58-59)
Why is Jesus the greatest example in the world? (Q 60-61)
What is the soul? (Q 62-63)
What does the name “Jesus” mean? (Q 71-73)
What is sin? (Q 66-68)
How does God pull us out of the whirlpool of evil? (Q 69-70)
What does it mean to say Jesus is the only begotten Son of God? (Q 74)
Why did God become man in Jesus? (Q 75-76)
Did Jesus have a soul, a mind, and a body just as we do? (Q 77-79)
Why is Mary a virgin? (Q 80-82)
Did Jesus work miracles or are they just pious tales? (Q 89-91)
Why did Jesus allow John to baptize him, although He was without sin? (Q 86-88)
What does the “Immaculate Conception of Mary” mean? (Q 83-85)
Why did Jesus choose the Jewish feast of Passover for His Death and Resurrection? (Q 94-95)
Why did God create man male and female? (Q 64-65)
Why was Jesus condemned to die on the Cross? (Q 96-98)
Did Jesus really experience fear of death? (Q 99-100)
Why did Jesus have to redeem us on the Cross? (Q 101-103)
What will it be like when the world comes to an end? (Q 110-112)
What does it mean to say: I believe in the Holy Spirit? (Q 113-115)
What happened on Pentecost? (Q 116-118)
What does the Holy Spirit do in my life? (Q 119-120)
Why does God want there to be a Church? (Q 121-122)

What changed in the world as a result of the Resurrection? (Q 107-109)
What is the task of the Church? (Q 123-124)
What is unique about the People of God? (Q 125)

Why did Jesus call apostles? (Q 92-93)
Can you be a Christian without believing in the Resurrection of Jesus? (Q 104)
Are there proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus? (Q 105-106)
What does it mean to say that the Church is the “Body of Christ? (Q 126-128)
Why can there be only one Church? (Q 129)
Are non-Catholic Christians our brothers and sisters also? (Q 130)
What must we do for the unity of Christians? (Q 131)
Who belongs to the Catholic Church? (Q 132-134)
What is the lay vocation? (Q 139)
How does the Church view other religions? (Q 135-136)
What is the Pope’s responsibility? (Q 140-141)
Why is the Church called apostolic? (Q 137-138)
Can the Church really forgive sins? (Q 150-151)
How will the world come to an end? (Q 163-165)
Why do we believe in the resurrection of the dead? (Q 152-153)
What happens to us when we die? (Q 154-155)
May we worship Mary? (Q148-149)
What is hell? (Q161-162)
Can bishops teach and act against the Pope, or the Pope against the bishops? (Q 142)
Is the Pope infallible? (Q143)
What is the task of the bishops? (Q 144)

Why does Jesus want some Christians to live in poverty, unmarried chastity, and obedience? (Q 145)
Archbishop Naumann welcomes you!
Archdiocese of KCK


This is very helpful for me
to have materials to help catechize deaf people.

I am in the seminary and still learning ASL and struggle with translating English to ASL, it is time consuming for me. Any links to materials posted on the internet would be appreciated.

Edmond Ilg

Finally! I’m so glad this project exists.
Yes, please more direct access to Catholic things in ASL! Everyone should have the opportunity to access and grow in their faith. Thank you from me and so many of my Deaf friends!

Jenna Kish

This is a most welcome project!
There are so many resources for Catholics to grow in their faith; Catholic Answers, Relevant Radio, EWTN, Formed, however, so many programs are not captioned, so our deaf daughter is not able to access them. I hope that this project becomes more widespread so that other deaf catholics may finally have access to additional Catholic resources.
God Bless you all!

Gregory Goldblatt