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Archdiocese of KCK



This is very helpful for me to have materials to help catechize deaf people.

I am in the seminary and still learning ASL and struggle with translating English to ASL, it is time consuming for me. Any links to materials posted on the internet would be appreciated.

Edmond Ilg

Finally! I’m so glad this project exists.

Yes, please more direct access to Catholic things in ASL! Everyone should have the opportunity to access and grow in their faith. Thank you from me and so many of my Deaf friends!

Jenna Kish

This is a most welcome project!

There are so many resources for Catholics to grow in their faith; Catholic Answers, Relevant Radio, EWTN, Formed, however, so many programs are not captioned, so our deaf daughter is not able to access them. I hope that this project becomes more widespread so that other deaf catholics may finally have access to additional Catholic resources.
God Bless you all!

Gregory Goldblatt