**Working Draft**


Letter from Archbishop Naumann



Foundational Principles

I. First through Eighth Grade Curriculum

II. High School CurriculumThe Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture

Who is Jesus Christ

The Mission of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues

Sacraments: Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ

Life in Jesus Christ

Church History

Theology of the Body

III. Background for Catechists
Teaching with the Catechism

Catechetical Lesson Plan According to the Ecclesial Method

Key points for the Catechist to remember concerning use of texts

Guidelines Regarding the Human Sciences and Catechetics

Principles of Faith Development.

IV Guidelines: Religious Education for Children with Special Needs
Teaching Children with Disabilities

Catechetical Resources for those with special needs

V. Sacramental Preparation Policies
Archdiocesan Policies

USCCB Guidelines for the celebration of the Sacraments with persons with disabilities

VI. Prayers and Concepts

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