What will be your legacy?

Defining what a “legacy” is can be difficult, because it is used so many ways in our society. There are all types of businesses that use the term in their

Legacy Gifts are Smiles after Funerals

A Blog to share thoughts on what it means for a Catholic to “create a legacy” by Terri M. Lynn, M.T.S, coordinating legacy gift planning marketing for the archdiocese through

Equality Act – Opposition

The Equality Act discriminates against people of faith and threatens unborn life. Tell Congress to oppose it! Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. The Equality Act, which

Leaven Articles

The Leaven is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. It is the successor to the Eastern Kansas Register, which was first launched in 1939. The

Everyone Can Help

Teens who “age out” of the foster system without the loving support of a family face sobering statistics: 20% become homeless; 25% enter the justice system within two years; 71%

‘Blessed to be part of the solution’

The fundamentals of the program are simple: Instead of trading in or trying to sell a car they no longer need, donors contact Cars4KC. Midway Auto arranges for the collection

Voting in 2020

Dear Friends, In a democratic society, an essential part of Christian discipleship is being a well formed and well informed voter. Being a well formed voter requires knowing the moral